Monday, August 25, 2008

Steak Phở Tái from Phở Như Vũ - $7.95

1146 Pulaski Highway, Bear, DE - (302)595-2530

First off, I spent FOREVER trying to look for the correct characters for the restaurant name, so I hope you appreciate it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, phở tái is basically the signature dish of Vietnamese cuisine. I think it's pronounced fuh. I took my order to go, as usual, and was surprised to see that assembly was required.

The first picture is the beef broth. Simple enough.

This next picture is a baggy of Thai basil, a lime wedge, bean sprouts, and fresh jalapeños. On the side of that same picture, you have a mixture of hoisin sauce, fish sauce, and the Thai hot sauce Sriracha.

In this third picture, you get a box full of rice noodles, raw thinly sliced strips of steak, green onions, white onions, coriander leaves (cilantro), and perhaps a couple things I'm overlooking.

Finally, the fourth and fifth picture are after everything was put together. Being the great chef that I am, I spilled a lot of the broth because I tried dumping everything into the original plastic bucket of broth, but there wasn't enough room for it. Then I tried to transfer it all to my bowl, but there STILL wasn't enough room for it.

Despite all the spillage, the meal was very satisfying considering it was only $7.95 for the large. Also, this is one of the few places that actually served a dish that I considered spicy, so that's another bonus. The restaurant is very new (open about two months now) so I will have to revisit this place again to check out some of their other dishes.

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Kinobe said...

Pho Bo I think it's called. And all I know is the "pho" is pronounced "p-he", with the "e" sounding like the e in "her". So like saying "purse" only cutting halfway and with more spit.

I usually eat that with the beef slices raw. Just dip it into the soup for a second. mmmmm...